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August 30th, 10am-4pm 

lalita Tripura Sundari - Sri Yantra


Yantra painting is an ancient Tantric meditative practice. It is an invitation to the deity or planet to awaken that energy in you, to activate that quality in your life. 
Yantras are sacred geometrical forms in consciousness of a deity or a planet.  They are a powerful meditation tool and when done regularly (like most things), eventuate with  elements and powers of that particular focus becoming apparent in your life. When we paint a Goddess Yantra we are inviting the energy of that deity to awaken and flourish in our life. 

Each Goddess is a unique form and expression of the great Mother, the divine feminine, the Shakti that moves the Universe.  As we are part of this great mystery, we have all theses aspects in us.  Some alive and others laying dormant, just waiting to be awakened.

It is said that each of these manifestations of Shakti is a great cosmic power. The study, practice and integration of these great cosmic powers is a path to liberation. by painting Goddess Yantras you invite that Goddess into a relationship.  you can ask for help, offer your shortcomings and receive guidance. All while painting with friends either on Zoom or in person.  One of my favourite things to do is to paint yantras or Devi Doodles  with friends - the group energy strengthens the connection to the Divine and the benefits are magnified.

Yantra /Devi Doodle Class   
Sunday 28th July

Zoom class $77AU 
In person also available - BYO Lunch 

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Devi Doodles is a technique I have developed over many years of painting. My book is filled with those images of the Goddesses. a 'Devi'' is a Goddess. And a doodle is a free flowing play with creativity. With your intention on a particular Goddess and a sincere desire to make contact, the Goddess appears to you on the page through layers of paint, washing it off, colouring in again, just playing, trusting and being open to receive - magic happens. Instructions are in my  book "The Way of the Goddess". 

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