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The trip to India highlighted to me the importance of support, kindness and positivity  in communication with others.  The group was very diverse but embodied all these qualities and I felt very safe and learnt a lot from everyone.  Thank you Amanda and Mavis for creating such a great container for us to get to know each other and share that magical journey that is India."

Jen - School teacher

India has a way of changing you doesn't it? Slowly seeping into your DNA!! Since coming home I have made changes to my teaching role.... letting go of what no longer serves me.  I am opening the door to allow other blessings to enter.  Thank you for creating the space for this to happen.  

Dana - Yoga Instructor

The Yoga classes were terrific, the food was great and the whole flow of the weekend was really wonderful  I even got over my fear of standing up and talking in front of people
Lynne - Business owner

What a great way to meet other like minded women, learn really do-able divine Yoga poses, have time for creative expression with collages and painting Mandalas and Yantras.  Delicious, fresh interesting food and the deepest relaxation I have felt for years....thank you Amanda

Dorita - Domestic Goddess Granny

This weekend in Chinchilla has opened my mind and body to Bliss...thank you so much Amanda.

Julie - Community Nurse

This was the most satisfying, relaxing and invigorating weekend I have ever spent. Loved the Yoga thank you.  
Dominique - Manager

Thank God I met you! i loved your honesty and your guidance..thank you.

Yosi - Business owner

Your graciousness, calm and feminine understanding are transferable.  I will be forever grateful. 
Sylvia - Guest House Owner

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