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9 PLANETS ONLINE ZOOM RETREAT  (9 calls over 9 days) 

September 20-28, 2021

8.00-9.30pm AEST (Brisbane, Australia)


This 9 Day ONLINE Retreat is an introduction to the deeper teachings of Ayurveda on Numerology by Harish Johari, Seema’s father.

Seema Agarwal will introduce teachings on the planets from an Ayurvedic perspective. Particular attention will be paid to your Destiny number and its ruling planet and how that knowledge can empower, uplift and even enlighten your life.


Expand awareness of who you are and your place in the world

Learn how to be more connected to your true Nature 

Develop a more Wholisitc view of Self, life and others

Deepen your self acceptance 

Cultivate understanding of and patience towards others

Learn how to align your wardrobe with the cosmos

Discover the secrets of simple mantras  

Learn how to use Mantras in everyday life

In 9 Zoom calls over 9 Days you will:- 

  • Deepen your understanding of your own Destiny through ancient teachings & discussion

  • Discover your Destiny number and it’s ruling Planet

  • Learn a Mantra for each Planet 

  • Learn how to use them for protection, passion and peace in your life

  • Discover the deeper meaning of colour and how to apply it in daily life

  • Daily Meditation on the Yantra

  • Daily Q & A time

  • Colour a planet Yantra each day

 For further information or to register your interest, contact..


Seema Agarwal                                        

(+91) 9837 035 688                                  


Amanda Ahern

(+61)409 58 4715

COST: $199US

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