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Introduction to the Enneagram


The Enneagram is an ancient system first discovered in use by monks in the Nile Delta, in about 300AD. It was used not only as a way of developing awareness to facilitate a more accepting way of living together, but also as a vast spiritual teaching and path to the ultimate state of merging with the Whole. 

It is often seen as a typing system but is actually so much more.  Many personality typing models are based on behaviour and can often make one feel like they are being boxed in a certain way.  The Enneagram is a vast system for understanding human behaviour but focusses on the underlying motivation of WHY we do what we do, NOT just what we do.

On this workshop you will :

  • Discover the unique to you motivations for your behaviour

  • Find acceptance for self and others

  • Open the door to your heart 

  • Develop understanding in relationships

  • and much more........

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