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Amanda Ahern's Transformational Life Coaching: A Journey to Rediscover Joy and Creativity

  • Need a new direction in life?

  • Are you stuck in a rut?

  • Creatively blocked?

  • Feeling uninspired by life?

  • Feeling frustrated with yourself or someone close to you?

  • Just been through a divorce?

  • Lost your job?

  • Hate your job and really want to make a change?

  • Work to hard and can’t stop the busyness habit?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you may consider calling for a FREE needs assessment. Amanda Ahern's transformation coach services offer a beacon of hope. Her unique blend of skills as a mind body coach and mindset transformation coach will guide you on a path of self-discovery and renewal.

Amanda is dedicated to inspiring others too 

Create, change, transform, uplift, shift.

She has 40 plus years of practice and training in : Hoffman Process, Avatar, Enneagram, Yogic philosophy and self inquiry (Vichara), Voice Dialogue, and Technologies for Creating to name a few.


 Amanda (AKA Daya Ma) is also using the power of the divine feminine to support you to transform your mind through Mantra.


She has developed a unique integrated process from the storehouse of tools, techniques, practices and experience of more than half her life. You will leave feeling “shifted” from where you were to where you would rather be in yourSELF.




Embracing the Divine Feminine: Mindset Transformation Coaching  

Amanda Ahern, known affectionately as Daya Ma, combines over 40 years of expertise in various disciplines including the Hoffman Process, Avatar, Enneagram, and Yogic philosophy. Her approach, rooted in the power of the divine feminine, uses Mantra to transform your mind and spirit. As a transformational life coach, Amanda's sessions are not just consultations but life-changing experiences.

Happy woman enjoying in idyllic mountain nature, celebrating freedom and rising her arms w

Expected benefits and outcomes:


  • Regain your sense of adventure

  • Rediscover your innate sense of joy for living 

  • Appreciation of yourself, your loved ones and your life

  • Learn how to express yourself honestly with kindness

  • Cultivate a new sense of SELF (even in your family)

  • Integrate changes easily and joyfully

  • Create more love and honesty into your life


Consultation Details:

  • Duration: 75-90 minutes

  • Pricing: Single session - $237, 3 sessions - $677, 5 sessions - $1077

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

What can I expect from a coaching session with Amanda?

Each session is tailored to your needs, focusing on personal growth, self-discovery, and transformative change.

How does Amanda's approach differ from other coaches?

Amanda's unique integration of various techniques and her focus on the divine feminine offer a holistic and profound coaching experience.

Is this coaching suitable for anyone?

Anyone seeking personal growth and transformation can benefit from Amanda's coaching, regardless of their current life stage or challenges.

How many sessions are recommended for noticeable change?

While individual experiences vary, many clients observe significant changes within three to five sessions.

Can I book a session online?

Yes, visit Amanda's Website to book your session and begin your transformative journey.

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Transform Your Life Today with Amanda Ahern

Ready to make a significant change in your life? Contact Amanda today to book a session. Experience the transformative power of a mindset transformation coach who understands the depth of your challenges and the height of your potential. With Amanda's guidance, you'll unlock a new sense of self, joy, and creativity.

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