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This beautiful book is an open invitation to meet the Goddess, not only in the world, but inside you. You will get a taste of who she is and how she can uplift, enrich and transform your life. Through ancient myths decoded into relevant lessons for everyday life, simple and safe Mantras of immense power and Devata Doodles and Sacred Art exercises, you will encounter a world of support, self-acceptance and maybe even a little divine intervention. Amanda takes you on a mystical magical journey by introducing you to 12 Goddesses with whose help you can cultivate many of your best qualities and transform your less than desirable ones.

The book is 212 pages, full colour, filled with original art images, tear out outlines on Art paper for you to colour in then frame for your wall. Also, an additional 12 Devata Doodle tear out pages on Art Paper for you to practice connecting with the goddesses through Art.

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Om Aim Matangiaye Namah

"I honour in me the unconventional wisdom of Matangi, the wild intelligent estaatic one who imparts the power of the spoken word."

Place your right hand on the hand and allow the energy of the Goddess to flow into you.

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Who Is The Goddess?

"The Goddess is you. The vast and loving presence of

the Universe that lives and breathes in and through

you all day and every day. She is the mystical power

known as Kundalini. An energy, coiled at the base of

the spine which promises spiritual awakening, after

many years of Yoga practice. Also known as Shakti,

the consciousness of awakening and the active energy

of life itself. The same energy that crackles thunder

and blows over buildings and huge trees.

She is also the movement of the tides and currents of the ocean.

Her energy pound the waves on the shore. And the

wonderous energy that carries sailing boats around

the globe.

She is the creative force in all of us. She is the power

of life that creates babies. The genius that invents

devices, composes music, writes stories. She is writing

this book right now. She is the fecund energy of the

darkness of the earth. The earth from which giant

trees, beautiful flowers and exotic plants

forth. She is the deep space and all the stars sparkling

in the sky. The space between atoms, the vastness of the

desert and the vast silence within you. All these powers,

both creative and destructive are the Goddess. She is

Mother Nature. Revered in all religions.


For the past 2000 years, particularly in western culture, a

masculine image of God the creator has been predominant.

The worship of the feminine aspects of life has emerged more in the past 50 years as Tantra broadens its reach.


Tantra is an ancient and often misunderstood path to liberation. It is a profound, yet simple path, to inner freedom.

Tantra offers the perspective that our aversions are the

doorways to the light of our being. By opening and

experiencing our inner tension, anxiety, and pain, we can

access the bliss of our own being. When we inwardly expand

to a greater sense of self, we become wiser, kinder, humbler,

and helpful human beings."

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