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What is Navratri?

Divine Feminine

Navratri is an ancient festival dedicated to the warrior Goddess Durga.  She is the Goddess of India who has warred with demons and won. She represents the victory of Light over Darkness and is the mother of all the goddesses.

Navratri is revering the divine feminine, the creative Shakti, the energy of life itself that has been sleeping inside of us.  By participating in this celebration you will be nurturing, honouring and activating your own divine feminine energy as well as making your self available for protection and blessings from the great feminine power Durga.


The festival always follows the cycle of the moon and is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India.

In the north of India they celebrate the festival honouring 9 different manifestations of Durga, also known as Avatars. Here is link for images and more information on Durga Maa's Avatars.

Each day represents a different aspect of the divine feminine and is honoured with the reading of the myth of that goddess. The power of Shakti is so great that even just hearing the myths can open your consciousness, just as seeing the image of the goddess activates your Shakti power.

In other parts of India the first three days are dedicated to the goddess Saraswati, the next three days to Laxmi and the last 3 days to Kali.

Some other parts of India celebrate first three days for Durga, then Laxmi and then Saraswati.  

DATES for this year:

April 9-17, 2024

October 3-12, 2024 


Durga is also the protectress of the world, also know as the 'pull your sox up' Goddess you call upon to get you through difficult or challenging times.  She gives you the strength to face life's challenges with ease and grace!

Often referred to as the 'invincible one', Durga Maa, is not easily swayed.  She is a great force for good in the world. Ravishingly beautiful (of course), un-shakably positive and totally unbeatable, invoking the goddess Durga during Navaratri can offer you the divine intervention you feel you need to:- 

  • get that final project over the line

  • tackle that difficult  situation at work

  • speak up about something very delicate in a personal setting                                            

  • Whatever it is, take this opportunity to tap into your 'super intelligence'......your divine spark of the Shakti of the Universe.

We follow the tradition as I have experienced it with the Johari family.  They have even created a book which explains what Navaratri is about, and stories of each of the different manifestations of Durga Maa. The mythotherapy is an important part of the experience. 

Please download the Kindle version of the book from the link below for participation in Navaratri Online.

Cost: $99AU
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