What is Navaratri?

In other parts of India the first three days are dedicated to the goddess Saraswati, the next three days to Laxmi and the last 3 days to Kali.

Some other parts of India celebrate first three days for Durga, then Laxmi and then Saraswati.  

In this Navaratri we will do both through chanting to each of these 3 Goddesses as well as hearing the myths of the 9 different manifestations of Durga Maa.

Navaratri is an ancient festival dedicated to the warrior Goddess Durga.  She is the Goddess of India who has warred with demons and won. She represents the victory of Light over Darkness and is the mother of all the goddesses.

Navaratri is revering the divine feminine, the creative Shakti, the energy of life itself that has been sleeping inside of us.  By participating in this celebration you will be nurturing, honouring and activating your own divine feminine energy as well as making your self available for protection and blessings from the great feminine power Durga.


The festival always follows the cycle of the moon and is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India.

In the north of India they celebrate the festival honouring 9 different manifestations of Durga, also known as Avatars. Here is link for images and more information on Durga Maa's Avatars.


Each day represents a different aspect of the divine feminine and is honoured with the reading of the myth of that goddess. The power of Shakti is so great that even just hearing the myths can open your consciousness, just as seeing the image of the goddess activates your Shakti power.


Saraswati is the goddess of sacred sound and language.
Saraswati nurtures our creative spirit, our capacity for language music and dance as well as higher learning, wisdom and understanding. When working with her energy especially during Navaratri you will begin to feel the flow of life run in your veins again and maybe even open to revelations about how things really are.

She is the part of us that just knows what to do and when to do it, or say it. Saraswati is the epitome of modern woman who is focussed on work and study above relationship. She is the goddess all teachers and musicians invoke as well as being the main go to goddess for students around exam time 


The Goddess of beauty, love, light and abundance lives in us with every breath, with the morning light glowing in nature. She bestows all forms of abundance in our lives...including - healing, financial prosperity, loving relationships, peace in family life, beauty and resting in the truth of who we are.

She is that part of us that lives with utter positivity, faith in our goodness, and a firm belief in the knowledge that we are part of the whole and therefore part of the ever abundant flow

of the universe.  By honouring her you are assuring and nurturing your own connection with the endless flow of abundance.


Also known as the "fierce one", Kali is often seen as a scary figure with a mala skulls around her neck and is probably the most misunderstood of the goddesses. Her ferocity is directed towards transformation of the blindness of our egoic desires into our pure unconditional, enduring love for self and life. Only the sacrifice of our own ego can deliver us beyond our struggle and sorrow. 

By surrendering our less than desirable patterns of behaviour, beliefs and outmoded identities to goddess Kali Maa, the Mother of time, can we open ourselves to 

experience divine pleasure and our true real beauty within.