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Resource Guide

Welcome to this comprehensive guide to a range of programs and services that have been invaluable to me over the past 40 years.  I have tired and tested each one of these prgrams and am sharing with you my expereince and benefits I gained from participating in these courses, trainings, sessions and consultations.

The first life changing program I attended was The Hoffman Process. I heard about it while attending a seminar on personal marketing.  The facilitator shared her experience of it and described her non stop crying for a week.  I felt a deep s]resonance with her story and within the year on eof my friends had been to the USA and participated in the course and had brought it back to I immediately signed up. 

In simple terms the Hoffman Process is a week long ritual initiation into emotional adulthood.  It has been run in Australia since 1989 so i snow in its 27th year here.  It has been under the directorship of Volker Krohn since 1992. Volker is a dedicated psychotherapist and works with a team of long tern experienced thereapists who are passionate about what they do and participants have a direct experience of their own inner essence which is well modeled by the staff presenting the course. 

The Hoffman Process staff are skilled at developing a safe and supportive environment for participants to allow deep honesty with themselves. The course is highly structured to help identify and unravel deeply held fears, and other issues that hold them back in their everyday life in any area that is relevant to them. It focuses on the family of origin as a model for understanding human behaviour and is an excellent grounding and introduction to your own psychological blueprint. 

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