Gifts of the Goddess

9 Saturday afternoons in 2020

Embrace all aspects of your true nature on this journey into the Divine Feminine.

You will do this through exploring the aspects of the Mahavidyas...the 10 Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga. Each of these goddesses offers us an opportunity to awaken and empower certain faculties that lie within each of us.  Some of course are already active in our lives but perhaps there is more to you....

I have been working with this energy for the past 14 years and have discovered a deeper sense of self acceptance,  have learned to embrace myself warts and all through the wisdom offered in this ancient Tantric system.

These classes is a hybrid of years of practice, study and exploration of Sacred Art and Yoga Philosophy and the work of Sally Kempton in her book "Awakening Shakti".  


It will be a gentle, fun, nourishing and creative exploration

  • Guided Meditation

  • Vizualisation 

  • Painting a Yantra to honour each Goddess 

It will be held over 9 afternoons throughout 2020

Over the course of the year you will:-

  •   Discover a range of different aspects of yourself 

  •   Learn how to cultivate strengths from weakness 

  •   Develop deeper understanding of your Diving Feminie nature 

  •   Learn daily practices and meditations that not only have the      potential to heal but you but fill you from the inside out

  •  Create beautiful and empowering images that will enhance and  protect you own divine essence and fill your home space with positive life affirming energy.

  • Be part of a divine feminine network that supports and honours YOU.

This is a small group of maximum of 8 people


Contact Amanda 0409584715

Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram is an ancient system first discovered in use by monks in the Nile Delta, in about 300AD. It was used not only as a way of developing awareness to facilitate a more accepting way of living together, but also as a vast spiritual teaching and path to the ultimate state of merging with the Whole. 

It is often seen as a typing system but is actually so much more.  Many personality typing models are based on behaviour and can often make one feel like they are being boxed in a certain way.  The Enneagram is a vast system for understanding human behaviour but focusses on the underlying motivation of WHY we do what we do, NOT just what we do.

On this weekend workshop you will :

  • Discover the unique to you motivations for your behaviour

  • Find acceptance for self and others

  • Open the door to your heart 

  • Develop understanding in relationships

  • and much more........

Next workshop TBC.