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Experience the Goddess as You

Claim your super powers of intelligence, love and creativity through honouring the Goddess in you. Open to unexplored parts of your self and claim the fullness of who you are becoming...a radiant, powerful, loving goddess at home in her skin, in her life and in the world.


Since meeting the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga, manifestations of the Divine Feminine in India many years ago.  I visited a temple that had a special wing dedicated to the Goddess in all her forms...many of them would normally be considered socially unacceptable and even downright scary.  Just the idea that there was a goddess dedicated to ageing and decline for example, or one wearing a necklace of human skulls, or one who was able to paralyse one's tongue! 

If you are interested in the next Practice Group commencing  in September 2023
Contact Amanda (+61) 409584715 or see details below.

I became so absorbed and inspired by the liberation these unusual divine personalities offered,  I began an earnest study of their myths, meanings, practices, mantras and meditations.

The benefits of the practices were so visceral, enriching and uplifting, they overflowed into every area of my life. My perception of life completely changed...for the better. As I am not one who can contain such positivity for long, I naturally had to share my experience and its' source.

While preparing a research project,  I reached out to my Yoga community with an invitation to join the first Goddess Study Group. 

We met on Zoom every week for 12 weeks and worked through the wonderful book 'Awakening Shakti"  by the inspiring teacher and writer Sally Kempton. The result of that research project is a beautiful book titled

"The Way of the Goddess" - a modern guide to ancient feminine spirituality.

At the end of the 3 months we decided that the experience was so uplifting, enlightening and inspiring that it should continue once the book is published. … so we continue our journey.

Image by Omar Lopez

 When you join a Goddess Study Group you join a sanga of fellow travellers who share stories, perspectives and experiences. It is a rich and rewarding experience.

If you would  like to :-

  • Delve into the ancient tantric teachings of the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga

  • Integrate some disowned or diminished aspects of your own Goddess self

  • Discover the relevance of the goddesses in your everyday life. 

  • Explore deeper aspects of your Divine nature

  • Empower your full capacity to live, love, create, embody your Shakti

  • Enjoy philosophical discussions with like minded people

  • Understand and embrace your deeper feelings 

  • Practice the Mantra for each Goddess 

  • Live a wise, loving abundant and creative life

Once you have completed this 13 weeks of study and practice,  you will be eligible to host your own Goddess Practice Group using the book.

Work through my new book

"The Way of the Goddess"

2023 Study Group Dates:

13 Mondays 6-7am OR 7-8pm

Monday 4th September -

Monday 27th November

  • 13 x 1 hour calls

  • Individual inspiration where needed

  • Signed copy of the book  valued at $77

  • Opportunity to participate in an ongoing cohort of like minded people to support, inspire and learn from each other.

  • Enrich your understanding and experience of being a Goddess

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13 weekly calls to inspire, empower and transform your life.

Each week you will:​

  • Read a chapter of the book (at home)

  • Practice a Goddess Mantra

  • Create a Devata Doodle and/or

  • Colour in the Yantra for the Goddess of the week.          


On Group call you will:-

  • Share your experience of the chapter reading, mantra practice and sacred art practice 

  • Discuss elements of the reading you found meaningful in your life and why 

What participants shared about their experiences of the Goddess Study Group

These comments are taken from hand written notes with permission of  participants who preferred to remain anonymous


DURGA - the Invincible One, Goddess of Protection 

"I'm owning how too much 'niceness' hampers my ability to create good boundaries"


"I've become aware of how I tend to get lost in my emotions as a safety net and as a way of avoiding responsibility."

 "I feel so much more decisive and connected to my power"

 LAXMI - Goddess of love, light, beauty, abundance, wealth, worth
"I notice I have a resistance to receiving by constantly overdoing for others and abandoning myself.  This make s me feel hard and I struggle to feel soft when life is hard"

"I am seeing and recognising more and more the beauty and abundance all around me"

"In the meditation on Laxmi, I felt my my throat open up and head tip back ...I felt as if I was being fed with divine nectar and filled up with light"

KALI- Goddess of transformation

"I felt a little scared but liberation is the most obvious feeling - I am now really able to own certain truths about myself"

"Initially I felt afraid, but came to enjoy the immense inner space.  I found that inner darkness to be deeply nourishing"

"Being able to surrender one's contractions of the ego is both humbling and enormously relieving"

PARVATI - Goddess of Sacred Marriage and Divine Will


"Parvati imparts a real strength of Divine Will - rejecting limitations and saying no to obstacles and objections ....I never realised I carried so much of her in me."

"After practising her mantra I connected to a sense of longing for relationship I had buried long ago"


SARASWATI- Godddess of Wisdom, Flow, Creativity, Art Music and Technology

"I noticed my communication skills really improved. I was able to bring up a difficult topic with my husband and have a really opening discussion about it. "

"I became very organised and focussed and surprisingly handled a new computer software without any drama....everything just flowed

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