Study the Goddess 

Are you one of those women who buys books and then has them on your shelf for months or even years and not read them?


Well I have been until recently.  Until I began reading about the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga, the Mahavidyas,  the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, I became so absorbed and inspired by the liberation they offered

I wanted to enrich my experience by sharing what I had gained from learning about the power of the different forms of Shakti. 

As a result, while preparing a research project earlier this year I reached out to my Yoga community with an invitation to join a Study Group and soon after the first Goddess Study Group was born.  We met on Zoom every week for 12 weeks and worked through the wonderful book 'Awakening Shakti"  by the inspiring teacher and writer Sally Kempton.

At the end of the 3 months we decided that the experience was so uplifting, enlightening and inspiring that we would continue.

If you would  like to :-

  • Delve into the ancient tantric teachings of the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga

  • Discover the relevance of the goddesses to your everyday life. 

  • Explore deeper aspects of your nature

  • Integrate some disowned or diminished aspects of your self

  • Empower your full capacity to live, love, create, embody your Shakti

  • Enjoy philosophical discussions with like minded people

  • Understand your deeper feelings 

  • Practice the Mantra for each Goddess 

  • Live a a wise, loving abundant and creative life

 When you join a Goddess Study Group you join a sanga of fellow travellers who share stories, perspectives and experiences with. It is a rich and rewarding experience.

If you are interested in joining the next Study Group

Contact Amanda 0409584715