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Welcome to Goddess Workshops | Amanda Ahern

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment in our Goddess Workshops. Guided by Amanda Ahern, a renowned consultant in divine feminine spirituality, these workshops offer a unique blend of goddess teachings and practical spirituality. 


Experience the transformative power of goddess study and find your path to inner harmony and strength.

Experience the Goddess as You

Claim your superpowers of intelligence, love, and creativity by honouring the Goddess in you. Open to unexplored parts of yourself and claim the fullness of who you are becoming — a radiant, powerful, loving goddess at home in her skin, in her life, and in the world. 

I met  the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga, manifestations of the divine feminine in India many years ago, when I  visited a temple that has a special wing dedicated to the Goddess in all her forms. Many of them would normally be considered socially unacceptable and even downright scary. They are the Mahavidyas, the Goddesses of liberation. To understand that there is a Goddess for everything is a freeing thought in itself because there in nowhere in this world that the Goddess isn't.  The Everyday Goddess Exploration Groups support you to find a deep and abiding acceptance of every part of you and to honour each part as a living

Goddess - to open your heart and mind to the spark of the divine in you.

If you are interested in joining the next cohort commencing  in June 10 2024 - 
 "Everyday Goddess Exploration Group -
7 Ways to Experience the Goddess as You Everyday"
Contact Amanda (+61) 409584715or see details below.
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Once you have completed this 7 Month program of exploration and practice,  you will be eligible to host your own Goddess Exploration Group using my book "Way of the Goddess".

Everyday Goddess Exploration Group 2024

7 Monthly calls 6.00am-7.00am  AEST

Dates:      10th June, 2024 - 9th December, 2024

                        2nd Monday of each month - 
Cost:        $US233

You will be charged  in AU$
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 When you join a Goddess Exploration Group you join a Sangha of fellow travellers who share stories, perspectives and experiences. It  makes your journey more rich and rewarding and more fun too!

Cost Includes:

  • 7 x 60-75 min calls

  • Monthly structure to support practice of mantras, yantras, Devi Doodles and much more...

  • Opportunity to integrate your insights from the month through sharing, inquiry and teachings

  • Be supported, learn and evolve through the power of feminine spirituality

  • Bring the Goddess to life everyday in your own life

  • Create some powerful feminine magic not only for you, but for all those whose lives you touch at home, at work, on the bus, in the supermarket queue… everywhere we are, we are glowing and growing the Goddess energy in our life.

The Everyday Goddess Exploration Group -
7 ways to experience the Goddess as you everyday.

The 7 simple activities embody ways to cultivate qualities of the Goddess everyday - at home or anywhere, anytime.  

The group setting offers opportunities for letting go, evolving, embracing new perspectives, integrating old patterns and opening to a fresh outlook on who we are and what we are doing here.


The themes we will explore are:-

Gratitude - starting with this essential ingredient, we will identify the myriad of things for which we are grateful. With a particular focus on the Goddesses whose energy is touching our lives at present. 


Offering - You will identify things you would like to offer to the Goddess. I will have a Havan (small fire place) online for us to make offerings of things we no longer need to carry forward. You will releasing them to make space for the Goddess to inhabit everyday life. During the month you will create your personal altar (if you don't alreadyas a powerful anchor in our life. It is the foundation of the divine expression of who we truly are to connect with the importance of nature and beauty in your life. 


Devotion - We will explore what you are devoting yourself to?  You will meet the Goddess who is best suited to you for creating a more focussed devotional path. We will also practice some inquiry and dissolution techniques to remove obstacles. 


Devi Doodles- You will now hone in on the Goddess who is tapping on your shoulder or the one you have a feeling for.  You will start the your Devi Doodle and work on it during the month to deepen your connection to the Goddess and how she expresses herself in your life.


Expression - We will explore who is best to help us with our expression and why. You will identify the areas in our life where we hold back, switch off and numb out.  We will open things up with some group/partner inquiry work which will support self acceptance to love yourself through any barriers. 

This is also an opportunity to discover anything you have a longing to express in the world. 



Sacred Sounds - Mantras are medicine for the mind. Based on our previous practice and exploration, we will discuss, practice and resonate with each of the Devi beej mantras and enjoy a session of cleansing, clearing and holding space for the bliss of the Goddess to ripple and radiate through us.  


Surrender - Seeing the Goddess as you is the result of the past 7 months working together. You will share your Devi Doodle and lead our class mates in an experience of that aspect of the Goddess who has revealed herself to you.


Retreat - There will be an  in person retreat a the end of the course.  I am thinking Hawaii …watch this space.

Goddess Teachings: A Path to Empowerment

Understanding the Divine Feminine

Dive into the rich world of goddess teachings, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. My workshops are designed to illuminate the path of the divine feminine, offering insights and practical tools for everyday life. Whether you're new to goddess study or seeking to deepen your practice, my sessions cater to all levels of experience.

Transformative Workshops for Every Seeker

My goddess workshops are more than just classes; they are experiences that invite you to explore, learn, and grow. Each session is an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of divine femininity and discover how these ancient teachings can enrich your life today.

Experience the Goddess as You

A Journey of Self-Discovery

In my workshops, you'll begin a personal journey of self-discovery. Explore different facets of the goddess within and learn to harness your innate powers of intelligence, love, and creativity. Through guided meditations, discussions, and practical exercises, you'll connect with the goddess energies that resonate most deeply with you.

Goddess Study: Integrating Ancient Wisdom

Embracing Diverse Goddess Archetypes

From the nurturing love of Lakshmi to the transformative power of Kali, my workshops cover a spectrum of goddess archetypes. Learn about their myths, symbolism, and how they can be applied to modern life. Embrace the goddess in all her forms, from the traditionally revered to the socially unconventional.

What participants shared about their experiences of the Goddess Study Group

These comments are taken from hand written notes with permission of  participants who preferred to remain anonymous


DURGA - the Invincible One, Goddess of Protection 

"I'm owning how too much 'niceness' hampers my ability to create good boundaries"


"I've become aware of how I tend to get lost in my emotions as a safety net and as a way of avoiding responsibility."

 "I feel so much more decisive and connected to my power"

 LAXMI - Goddess of love, light, beauty, abundance, wealth, worth
"I notice I have a resistance to receiving by constantly overdoing for others and abandoning myself.  This make s me feel hard and I struggle to feel soft when life is hard"

"I am seeing and recognising more and more the beauty and abundance all around me"

"In the meditation on Laxmi, I felt my my throat open up and head tip back ...I felt as if I was being fed with divine nectar and filled up with light"

KALI- Goddess of transformation

"I felt a little scared but liberation is the most obvious feeling - I am now really able to own certain truths about myself"

"Initially I felt afraid, but came to enjoy the immense inner space.  I found that inner darkness to be deeply nourishing"

"Being able to surrender one's contractions of the ego is both humbling and enormously relieving"

PARVATI - Goddess of Sacred Marriage and Divine Will


"Parvati imparts a real strength of Divine Will - rejecting limitations and saying no to obstacles and objections ....I never realised I carried so much of her in me."

"After practising her mantra I connected to a sense of longing for relationship I had buried long ago"


SARASWATI- Godddess of Wisdom, Flow, Creativity, Art Music and Technology

"I noticed my communication skills really improved. I was able to bring up a difficult topic with my husband and have a really opening discussion about it. "

"I became very organised and focussed and surprisingly handled a new computer software without any drama....everything just flowed

Everyday Goddess Exploration Group Details and Enrollment

Join Our Next Group

My upcoming Everyday Goddess Exploration Group starts on June 10 (AU time), 2024. For more details and to reserve your spot, contact Amanda at (+61) 409584715 or visit the website. 


Enrol in Our Workshops

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