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Haridwar, Kamakhya, Kolkata INDIA

February 15 or 22 -March 3 2024

You are invited to to attend a life changing experience in India's most ancient and sacred cities. If you have never visited India before, preparation is the key. The first part of your journey will be spent in in Johari House, home of Seema Agarwal our trusted guide for the journey. Haridwar, is a holy City in the foothills of the Himalayas and home to the Kumbha Mela Festival held every 12 years since 5000 years. Johari house is a wonderful home to arrive in India.  

This first week will be an orientation to India in general and a preparation for the more intensive part of the Retreat in Kamakhya. 

During our first 7 Days in Haridwar we will:

  • Arrive in Delhi, rest up, shop and enjoy massage treatment then travel to Haridwar

  • Ease into the Retreat with daily gentle yoga and meditation

  • Work on creating a Devata Doodle™ 

  • Begin a self inquiry practice through journaling and group discussion

  • Visit  local Mahavidya Temples in preparation for Kamakhya

  • Clear any inauspicious karma on a day trip to Kunjapuri Durga and Neelkanth Mahadev                temples high in Mountains beyond Rishikesh 

  • Be cared for with delicious home made food 

  • Enjoy true Indian hospitality


​The Mahavidyas, or Great Wisdom Goddesses, are a sacred emanation of the Shiva/Shakti energy.

Shakti (AKA Parvati) is the divine feminine who, as legend has it, created ten forms of herself to prevent Shiva from escaping her passionate frenzy! These ten forms represent our totality, the many aspects of ourselves,  each having a purpose and an energy to unlock. When we work with them, we release the ten main obstacles each of us has that’s preventing us from living our truest expression of heaven on earth.

A powerful form of holistic healing, the Mahavidyas specifically address issues you might be having on the psycho-emotional/spiritual level. When healing happens at this subtle level you will see quantum shifts in your everyday world.

During the 10-day retreat in Kamakhya and Kolkata we will: 

  • Learn about the psychological and spiritual benefits imparted by each Mahavidya Goddess

  • Spend time in practice and silence at each Mahavidya Temple/Shrine

  • Study, color (and/or draw) the Ten Mahavidya Yantras

  • Learn to chant the Ten Mahavidya Mantras

  • Partake in fire ceremonies with the Mahavidya Mantras and offerings.

  • Go deep into the inquiry meditations of the Mahavidyas

  • Enjoy stories of the Mahavidyas and the Saints who worshiped them

  • Do Yoga and Meditation that is aligned with the Mahavidyas


The Goddesses are aspects of yourSELF and represent your hidden super powers.  It is said if you can master even one of these gifts you will be blessed with great auspiciousness. 

Befriend yourself through a deeper understanding of your greatest gifts. On this retreat you will cultivate a profound acceptance of all that is preventing you from being in connection to the whole.


You will open to new, deeper, richer and more loving aspects of yourself and your life will take on a whole new quality...of the DIVINE FEMININE.


OPTION 1 - 17 Days February 15- March 3, 2024

Delhi, Haridwar, Kamakhya, Kolkata 

Single:    Early bird                           AU$10,557  (6 Available) 

After  30/06/23                                 AU$12,007


Mix of Twinshare (Delhi and Kolkata)

 and Single (Kamakhya):   

EB                                                            AU$10,257  (8 available) 

After  30/06/23                                AU$11,757

Twin share Delhi, Kamakhya and Kolkata:          
EB                                                            AU$8,907  (SOLD OUT)
 After  30/06/23                                AU$10,407

    Price includes :

  • Course Tuition

  • All accommodation

  • Delicious vegetarian food for most meals.        Some at own expense (eg in airports)

  • All travel in India

  • Daily Yoga and  meditation

  • Group discussions and Self enquiry sessions

  • Local history and myths

  • Gift pack on arrival

  • Art paper to draw on and colour in

OPTION 2 - 10 Days February 22- March 2, 2024

Delhi,  Kamakhya, Kolkata 

Single Accommodation:      AU$8,557 (6 Available)


Mix of Twinshare (Delhi and Kolkata)(8 available) 

 and Single (Kamakhya):      AU$8,257

Twin share Delhi, Kamakhya
and Kolkata:                                AU$6,907 (SOLD OUT)

   Does NOT include: 

  • Return airfares to India 

  • Any massage treatments 

  • Personal laundry

  • Purchase of offerings at temples

  • Travel Insurance (required)

  • Private sessions with Amma

  • Yoga mat

Deposit $1,000AU due ASAP

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to put your name on the list. 
Group is filling fast.
Deposit confirms your place in the group.

Payment Plans available:

Itinerary below




Amanda Ahern

Author of "the Way of the Goddess"and creator of the Deva Doodles™. Amanda is an artist, experienced Svaroopa® Yoga Therapist / Instructor, Hoffman Process Facilitator and Creative Living consultant.  Amanda Ahern BA, CSYT, is a veteran traveller in India who loves to share her knowledge and experience of her personal journeys there since the 1970's, by hosting these unique experiences.  For over 40 years Amanda has been working, studying, learning, training and practising in all the different ways to create deep and lasting change in life. Amanda is a longtime devotee, practitioner and teacher of yogic and tantric traditional healing arts.

In October 2022 Sarah and Amanda traveled to India together to map out this retreat for you. Amanda has not only led many retreats with Seema Johari in India but also worldwide.

Sarah Tomlinson, author, artist, mother and yogini, is your course teacher. Sarah has been intimately involved with the Mahavidya Goddesses ever since her initiation into Yantra Painting with Harish Johari in the ‘90’s. See more about Sarah HERE. After spending time at Kamakhya Temple in Devipuram with Sri Amritananda and receiving the Mahavidya Bija Mantras, many years later, Sarah sought out the only other major Kamakhya Temple in India: in Assam. Here along with Amma Venu Syama she spent time in spiritual practice and tutelage and expanded the breadth of her Mahavidya Yantra and Mantra knowledge. This is such a unique experience; being in this location AND learning about the Mahavidyas, that Sarah felt compelled to bring you the teachings in the form of this course. Sarah and Seema have led countless Yantra and Yoga retreats all over India in the past two decades.

Sarah Tomlinson


Seema Agarwal from Spiritual Vacations  is the daughter of the famous teacher, prolific writer and Tantra Master Dada Shri Harish Johari. She is a wonderful hostess who beautifully conveys true Indian hospitality. Infused with wisdom, kindness and great organizational skills. Seema seamlessly takes care of your every need while on retreat, allowing you to feel comfortable and tended to, from the extremely practical to the highly spiritual aspects of our time there. Seema will be with us throughout the journey.

Seema Agarwal

Amma will be leading group healing sessions.  Amma, Venu Syama is a pioneer in the work of Sri Vidya, following our teacher Sri Amritananda’s footsteps and making the teachings accessible to all. Amma will be with us for three whole days at Kamakhya leading fire ceremonies and Mahavidya Rituals.

Amma will also teach us about and guide us through the Kalavahana healing ritual - an initiation and daily practice to honour the Goddess in you.

Note: If you desire to have one:one time with Amma this can be done at your discretion and depending on the session/treatment you may make a personal contribution.

Amma Venu Syama

ITINERARY Mahavidya Retreat February 2024

Feb 15: Arrive Delhi -We’ll spend one night in Delhi and one day to recover from flight before heading to Haridwar. Ayurvedic massage and clothes shopping to help adapt to India. 

Feb 16: Fly to Haridwar and settle into Johari House

Feb 17-23  Daily Program


  • 7am: Morning yoga, teachings and Mantra

  • 9am: Breakfast

  • 10am -12.30pm Devata Doodle™ session

  • 12:30pm: Lunch

  • 1:30pm: Personal time

  • 3pm: visit local sites 

  • 6pm: Dinner

  • 7:30pm: Inquiry meditations, journaling and group discussion

  • 9pm: Sleep


Feb 23 - Leave for Kamakhya  to Join Kamakhya Group in Delhi

Feb. 22nd: Arrive in Delhi —

Feb. 23rd: Fly to Guwahati, Assam. Head to Kamakhya for six nights at the Sree Moyee Hotel.

Feb. 29th: Fly to Kolkata: Spend two full days exploring the Kali Temples and enjoy some last-minute shopping.

March 3rd: Fly to Delhi to fly back home or travel on to your next destination. ***

Sample Daily Schedule* 

  • 7am: chai/tea/coffee and fruits

  • 8am:  Morning yoga, teachings and Mantra

  • 10am: Temple/shrine visits with Mantra* (this will differ in Kolkata)

  • 12:30pm: Lunch

  • 1:30pm: Personal time

  • 3-5pm Yantra Coloring and Devata Doodles™ for each of the Mahavidyas

  • 6pm: Dinner

  • 7:30pm: Inquiry meditations, journaling and group discussion

  • 9pm: Sleep

*Please note* -  the daily schedule will vary slightly in each location. And, it’s India where magical things can happen at any time so we kindly ask for your flexibility and patience in advance.

Additional Logistical Notes & Tips

  • Two of the main destinations of this retreat maintain ancient traditions and one of those is animal sacrifice. It will not be the focus of our attention but if you are sensitive to this subject, this retreat might not be for you. 

  • Wonderful material to prepare you for this retreat is Tools For Tantra by Harish Johari.

  • There will be 1-2 Zoom sessions to meet as a group before the retreat and familiarize ourselves with some of the practices and mantras.

  • Our first night is in Delhi, you are welcome to meet up with the group at the hotel or we can arrange to meet you at the airport.  

  • When Amma is visiting there will be additional fire ceremonies and rituals during the day.

  • You are welcome to complete your retreat in Kolkata and spend more days there or travel on in India. Seema can help you arrange further travel plans. You are also welcome to return to your home after Kamakhya if your schedule does not allow time to visit Kolkata.

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