Spice up Your Life and Shine Like the Sun

3 Workshops over 2 Days with Dynamic mother/daughter team

Seema Agarwal and Anushree Agarwal

Dynamic mother and daughter team from Haridwar in India  are returning to Brisbane this year from their home in Haridwar in India.

They are here to share their ancient ancestral systems of healing the body and mind through sharing the secrets of Ayurveda both in the kitchen and in your life. 


Ayurvedic Cooking - Spice Up Your Life             $66

Discover Your Destiny Through Numerology         $66

Shine Like the Sun - Paint a Sun Yantra              $66

SEEMA and ANUSHREE, are the daughter and granddaughter respectively of Shri Harish Johari who was considered one of the most highly respected spiritual teachers of India in contemporary times.

Seema has lived and breathed Ayurveda her whole life and has an encyclopaedic well of wisdom and

knowledge about all things Ayurvedic, astrological and numerological. She will guide you into a deeper understanding of Numerology and the influence of the Planets on your life.

We will integrate that knowledge through painting a Yantra to the Sun on Sunday to cultivate desirable qualities in your life.

Saturday 9th November 11am-2.00pm

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

with culinary doyenne

Anushree Agarwal 

  • Learn simple HACKS to create delicious food as medicine

  • Enhance your wellbeing and energy

  • Discover ancient secrets to spice up any meal

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a festive lunch    

Anushree's canvas is definitely the kitchen; the spice cabinet her palette. Even before she could talk, Anushree would assist her elders in creating Ayurvedic feasts from scratch, using organic ingredients sourced from her family's farms.

Cooking is in her genes.

Anushree's knowledge of the healing properties of various ingredients in Ayurveda - as well

as specific cooking techniques and preparations - must be experienced to be believed. Her passion for cooking is simply contagious!

Sunday 10th November, 10am-1pm

Discover Your Destiny with Numerology

with Seema Agarwal                    

  • Discover your Destiny

  • Unlock the secret power of numbers in your life

  • Utilise the planetary influence of your Destiny

  • Make better decisions

  • Cultivate more tolerance and kindness to others   

Sunday 10th November  2pm-5pm

Paint the Sun Yantra

with Seema Agarwal                  

  • Cultivate your inner radiance 

  • Invoke magnetism, energy, success and vitality 

  • Dispel self doubt and self imposed limitations 

  • Take home a beautiful image to frame and use for meditation  

"Painting Yantras in a group of like minded people is a powerful meditative practice and an uplifting experience".

Make new friends ....develop skills ....relax and cultivate a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and others in your life.






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Good afternoon. 

I would just like to show my appreciation for being a part of this group and the discovery of these goddesses that will from now on always be a part of my life. I have enjoyed reading and immersing myself into the book and listening to the chants and discussions. I have really felt as if Sally has been a part of our group. 

It has been a blessing and a privilege to meet you all on ZOOM and thank you so much Amanda for EVERYTHING goddess! your enthusiasm and ability to keep us in a safe place with delight enables genuine sharing. 

Much Love Karen