Tuesday, April 13 - Thursday April 22, 2021

7-7.45am daily

 Celebrating Goddess

You are invited to join in celebrating your great feminine creative power over 9 days.  This is the time when the Goddess is closest to the earth and more accessible to us for protection and blessings. 

Durga is also the protectress of the world, also know as the 'pull your sox up' Goddess you call upon to get you through difficult or challenging times.  She gives you the strength to get insurmountable project over the line.! Often referred to as the 'invincible one'. She is not easily swayed and is a great force for good in the world. Ravishingly beautiful and unbendingly positive invoking Durga Maa energy (which is really inside you) during Navaratri can give you the boost you may be needing.

9 Calls - $63

Each call will consist of 

  •   Chanting 

  •   Mythical story telling

  •   Mantra practice

  •   Discussion

And more...

Life's looking grey? Need to add some colour to your life? 
Just feel like something is missing and can't put your finger on it?

Feeling flat and demotivated?

Looking for a new direction?


Have a clear picture of what you want but feel blocked or immobilised and can't move forward?

If you want to get unstuck then call Amanda for a Free needs analysis and clear the path for a CREATIVE LIVING consultation

Love travel but don't want to travel alone? 

Sick of just being a tourist? 

Want to learn and travel at the same time?

Need to get your Mojo back?

Find  some inspiration? 


Want to have an adventure in the safety of great company but have some freedom to do your own thing as well? 

December 2020 - Come on this mystical adventure to old world India in the south of India in Tamil Nadu. We will visit the Temples of the 9 Planets and explore how they influence our own internal Universe.  The retreat program will expand your understanding of your Destiny and how to use the energy of the Planets best suited to your path in life.

This retreat is postponed until we can safely travel again. 

Possibly 2021 or 2022.